Sale Body Sock Therapy Tunnel Bed Sheet

Sale Body Sock Therapy Tunnel Bed Sheet
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Sale Combo!

With the  Combo Sale you will receive

1 Body Sack

1-9 foot Therapy Lycra Tunnel


1 Twin Sheet

Sizes for Body Sacks

Exsmall For User Heights 30"36"

Small for User Heights 40"-46"

Medium for User Heights 47"-55"

Large for User Heights 56"-65"

Extra-Large for User Heights 66"-73"

We make and design all of our spacial sacks and guarantee the workmanship.   Our Spacial Socks are made to fit each indivdual body by size and color if you need a size that is between a size please send us the height of the person using and we will make it to fit.


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Price $70.00