Lycra Dance Bloob/ Silly Sack/ -HAS OPENING IN BOTTOM

Lycra Dance Bloob/ Silly Sack/ -HAS OPENING IN BOTTOM
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Above is a video by Jordan Kepner and his now fiancee Kelly when he uses the silly sacks to form a flash blob proposal in New York City Madison Square Park. One of the happiest moments for us! Great job Jordan so happy for you and Kelly!






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Starting at $22 THIS DESIGN HAS THE OPENING IN THE BOTTOM-THE SPACIAL SACK AS THE OPENING IN THE BACK/FRONT The Dance Blobs Silly Sacks comes in a variety of colors and can be seen out of easily. After you purchase your body bag/silly sack let us know the colors you need. The bags  have been used as dancing bloobs by a vareity of groups. From Dance Troops, High School Colorguards or Dance Teams, Church Youth Groups, Bible Schools, and Performing Arts groups. You can see several videos on this site of groups using Lycra Bags in their performances. Our happiest moment was when it was used a flash mob blob Proposal!

These Body Bags are different than the Spacial Bags, Body Sock, and Body Sox. These have an opening in the bottom. When you pull it on, you bring your feet inside and the bag stretchs to stay on. The Spacial Bags have a velcro opening in the back and the Velcro keeps it closed. With the opening in the bottom the audience is left trying to figure out how the person got in. When in the Bag/ Blob Bag you can see out but people can not see in.

Below are the sizes of the Bags. When you place your order if could email us the height of the person using it. If the Bag is to small it will still work fine but if it is too big it will be a difficult for the bag to fit tight and stay on.


xamall User Heights 30"36

Small for User Heights 40"-46"

Medium for User Heights 47"-55"

Large for User Heights 56"-65"

Extra-Large for User Heights 66"-73"

We make each Silly sack as they are placed. Orders take 2 to 3 days to ship out. Larger orders may take longer. Contact us if you need them for a certain date. BodySock

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Price $22.00