Lycra Bed Sheet Twin, Full or Queen size Autistic Sensory

Compression Lycra bed sheet for autism toddler twin queen king sensory therapy
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We are the original inventors of the compression bed sheets and have been helping change peoples lives for 10 years.   My mother came up with the idea of the compression bed sheets when she saw how hot weighted  blankets were and how easy they were to kick off at night. She realized that lycra was a great breathable fabric that when made into a bed sheet gave compression and children could sleep easier. We have had great success and received so many comments and stories on how our bed sheets have been a life saver for parents who have had no sleep. We sell our products on etsy as well under the name fabricforwellness

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Below are just a few


My 3 year old ASD has been a terrible sleeper his whole life. He's gone through periods where he sleeps better, but it's never been great. Prior to getting this sheet, he was waking 1-2 times a night. Since I've put this on his bed (2+ weeks ago) he has slept through the night every night except once! I am literally in awe. He routinely crawls into his bed of his own volition to get under his "snuggle sheet" as we call it, simply because he likes how it feels. Thank you, Silke!


Great quality! It has made a noticeable difference in the sleep quality of our son with autism. Will be ordering more! THANK YOU!!

My 4 year old has autism, sensory modulation dysfunction, hyperactivity, impulsivity, speech apraxia and some genetic diagnosis. He was having major sleep regression issues. Due to his inability to communicate, we couldn't figure out what was the cause of the sleep issues. We took him to every medical doctor possible just to rule out any medical issues. I found this item and figured I'd try it since the weighted blanket wasn't working. I'm so glad I did! He is sleeping much better with this sheet plus a sound machine and bedtime aromatherapy. He loves getting under his sheet! The seller has quick responses and shipped the item fast. I received it within 2 days. I will be ordering a back up one. Silke, Thank you so much for this item!


You will find below we carry sizes from toddler to King size. Also we are the only company offering either the bottom or the bottom closed. Many children love to crawl from the bottom to the top while others like to feel the compression and crawl to the bottom with the closed.

Lycra Bed Compression Sheets for Deep Pressure Input.
Lycra Bed Compression Sheet swill work wonders on children who have a difficult time unwindining, relaxing, and calming his/her body for sleep. Lycra Compression bed sheets stretch over the body and gives deep pressure that will calm and soothe an over-aroused, disorganized, or "fearful" nervous system.  Do you find yourself and your child covered with stuffed animals, pillows or layers of blanket/comforters on top of you, or enjoy sleeping in a mummy-type sleeping bag to drift off to and get a good night's sleep? With the lycra bed sheet you can leave this all behind.



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Children love to craw in the middle of the bed and push up against the lycra. Making a little fort for fun. Therapists can join in the fun and crawl in with the child to help with the calming. Older children or adults with SPD, we may still need to be tightly wrapped to calm over aroused nervous system down and the lycra bed sheet is perfect for that sensory stretchyz night sleep.



Lycra bed sheets work better than weighted blankets. With bed sheets you will not get hot or wake up in the middle of the night from kicking off the blanket or stuffed animals. Many customers tell us how the bed sheet makes their lives alot easier.

You can choose the size of the bed and the color of bed sheet from the variety of colors listed below.


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